Testimonial - Mary Ann

I had been downsized from a long-time position and decided to enjoy my “retirement” for a few months.  When I finally decided it was time to find a new position, I was pretty much at a loss as to how to go about obtaining another position.  It had been over eleven years since I did that.  I received a call from The Carney Group and was informed that they focus on serving the “mature” worker.   They were very excited to have met me because they had a client who needed a unique skill. 

I was very excited about the prospect of this job and was fortunate enough to get an interview scheduled. The Carney Group spent time with me to prepare for my first interview in 11 years. I met the client and we had an excellent interview.  I was offered the job on the spot and accepted it immediately.  It was exactly what I was looking for and I truly feel that if The Carney Group had not been involved in my search, I probably would not have found this position.

I would definitely recommend The Carney Group to anyone looking for a new position, not just the “mature” worker.  They understand how to match applicants with employers.  Their interview process is thorough and they will not send an applicant to an interview if they don’t feel the fit would be the correct one.

At this point in my life, I hope I’ll never have to go through the interview process again.  I truly feel that I have found my “home”.  However, if that becomes a necessity at any time, The Carney Group will be the people to whom I will turn to again.

-Mary Ann, Executive Administrative Placement