Testimonial - Carl

"I retired from a 45 year career in the Information Technology field in late 2005. Upon retirement I did the usual activities and spent time doing nothing followed by bursts of sports activities and travel.

By mid 2007, I was bored with everything and truly missed the social and professional contacts that my previous work allowed me. A friend mentioned to me that there was an organization that focused on providing contract employees to local companies who were looking for solid, high work ethic and experienced workers, workers who had good careers and who were now available to participate in the continued success of these companies. 

I applied and was accepted and began work on a part-time basis. I have been working at that assignment ever since October of 2007 and I’m having a great time doing so.  I’ve met good people, people of my own age, and I experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with assisting other seniors meet their Medicare insurance needs.

This assignment inspired me to pursue a new career and I am now licensed in PA and on a part time basis I am building a career in Medicare Insurance and Long Term Care insurance.  I am having a great time and have renewed energy in a new direction.  I have my Carney Group experience to thank for it. I encourage other retirees to think about devoting at least some of their time and energy getting back to the work environment and I highly recommend The Carney Group as an organization with which to work."

-Carl, Former Executive